Only Power

There is no love here. Only Power.
We have no charity. Only Power.
Alms are not given to the poor. Only Power.
Do not hope for hope. Only Power.
Joy is a fable in these lands. There is only Power.
We are dealers of Power and we perfect all we see. When I stretch out my hand to you it will be for your betterment. Your desires are flawed fragments in the grand portrait of existence. We shade, brush, erase and cover up these mistakes with Power and when we finish all is beautiful.
No lust. Only Power.
No greed. Only Power.
No freedom. Only Power.
No hatred. Only Power.
No peace. Only Power.
Power for Power’s sake.
-CL Fuqua

Summer Pain Winter Glory

Outside the seasons change and the once dead trees begin to unfold again with new life.

Icy mist gives way revealing newborn flowers among the meadows.

Life! Life! Life has won again it seems!

But in a Castle so haunted as this, Summer’s light holds no sway.

The Winter’s darkness is forever enthroned and spreads like an inky fog until it fills every crevice and every crack.

The iron grip of frost and pain has loosened on the world at large but do not become boastful in the newfound warmth of the sun.

Winter is always at hand. And a Tyrant is never so brutal as when he has come to reclaim what was lost.

-CL Fuqua

All Is Revealed

Lift the veil from our eyes

Exposing the world’s lies

The lies shrouded us in false security

Content we unknowingly lost our purity

We no longer recognize our own reflection

Forever changed by this strange infection

I just wanted to meet you up there

With blue skies and crisp fresh air

But we are apart in a tepid quagmire

Filled with cowards, killers and liars

I dream of you often even so

I wail and moan for you to know

I have become so ugly I cannot stand my own being

My sin is a great black ocean I would spare you from seeing

Sadly the only chance I have for happiness in this life

Is that you fell as well sharing altogether in this strife

We are monsters so let us love in our hideous way

Let’s run together in the cursed night escaping the day

All is revealed, all is revealed

Nothing left for us to conceal

-CL Fuqua

The Good Ghost

Ghost of my memory; Ghost of my past

Have you come to stay with me at last

I reside here where you left me long ago

No one to love and unable to let go

I can hear your voice softly just beyond the veil

Will I find the strength and finally set sail

To journey after your spirit in luminescent lands

Discarding this dying shell to the terrestrial sands

Are you still waiting in the bliss of the other life

As I have here among decay and earthly strife

Lacrimosa! Lacrimosa! O spiteful heart that beats ever on!

Cease your work that I might abandon this night for eternal dawn

Two Ghosts forever mingled in realms beyond

My steadfast dream of which I am painfullly fond

-CL Fuqua

Light in the dark

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.”

Raised from the dust to manhood in ignorant bliss

Never upon my cheek have I felt Truth’s burning kiss

I could have skulked on fettered amidst the black forever

Unknowingly drowned in inky darkness unable to sever

Such existence was the birthright of us all

Huddled in a fallen mass so large yet small

Until it came to us in such fearful power

Burning our eyes was the infinite tower

Composed of pure Light, radiant and pure

It was mercilessly True and here to cure

But I am not in need of release from disease

I am so entwined with it, it has become my ease

The great Light is hard and burns my eyes

While the dark lets me wallow in my cozy lies

I crawl back to the anonymity of the unknown

Clinging to the dark crevices where Light has not shone

Leave me be, Light, let me alone

The shadow is all I have to call my own

When I was still a child I could have been reached

But I am now too practiced in all the dark does teach

-CL Fuqua

Built to last

Days go by at the speed of life

Tick after tick I feel the slow knife

One more wrinkle upon my face

One more reminder of my fleeting place

I started out stronger than the fire of hell

But not long after began the toll of the bell

The spirit leads and the flesh should follow

Mine has died and soon the body will hollow

Where is the joy of my childhood

Bringing hope to all I could?

It seems it has fallen away and ever so fast

Thank my Maker, for I was not built to last

-CL Fuqua

Time is now

There was a time

There was a time

When I believed in tomorrow

Far away was my sorrow

But look at me now would you

Fixed to the ground could you

All I know is yesterday

Futures now cast away

You can’t trust the plan

If you don’t know the man

It’s really a sad story

The details are a tad gorey

But I’m starting not to give a damn

And I happen to be my biggest fan

I watched Death

I watched Death work tonight

The victim’s eyes lost their light

Have you ever witnessed anything so mysterious as this

There’s a finality and quiet as one slips into deathly bliss

“Don’t use your teeth when you bite me, please”

I said as the fangs ripped through me with ease

I wriggled and writhed to escape my fate

Until finally I accepted that it was too late

This is when the world began to fade away

And with it all the chaotic mess filling the day

Now its quiet and dark

No dogs to bark

Not even the fluttering of the meadowlark

I watched Death work tonight

Worked on me until I had no fight

I am dead with nothing left to say

I am dead so take your Life and go away

-CL Fuqua

Oasis of Dreams

Remembering always remembering

All I have are memories

Times long past

Futures gone at last

Eyes faded slowly over time

Once bright but losing their shine

I can still recall the first vision

I still see you in my dreams with precision

Reality is a desert from which I must flee

Diving into an oasis of Dreams I am free

I can see you as you were

And I too am there

Our love is young but sure

And in my dreams you still care

-CL Fuqua

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

It’s all poetry after all

We saw the rise

We saw the fall

Come to me amidst fiery skies

Choke back the smoke

Killing one another over lies

We never cared about fallout

Only winning

Cast away all doubt

What is this travesty we’ve become?

Left with two paths

One, murder and the other, martyrdom

This is twilight’s last gleaming

Blood rains

So why is your face beaming?

When my fresh blood covers you end to end

Just remember

There was a time when you called me friend

-CL Fuqua