Here I sit with my mouth wide open and drooling like an idiot for all to see.

I can’t really remember when the sleeping sickness claimed its victory.

I was energetic, driven, hopeful and full of passion to put the world aright

When I slowly yet surely witness with indifference, my endeavors set alight.

I was aware to be sure, indeed I could comprehend the steady death of my world.

But there was nothing in the universe to motivate me to end this downward swirl.

So I watched to the bewilderment of those around as my castles crumbled down.

I wasn’t even so bold as Nero to play while the kingdom fell, not so much as a frown.

I was going to be somebody, I was going to make my mark.

Instead I’m just wasting away inside my body alone in the dark.

Oh sure, friends and relatives still come to gawk and stare at me with sad expressions.

They fancy me a freak of nature, not even alive enough to hear their worst confessions.

But I am still alive within this rotting shell of a body.

Incapable to lift a finger or know the joy of feeling haughty.

I doubt I’ll ever be resurrected from my waking dreamlike condition.

No specters of mind or spirits from beyond here for me to ask permission.

Just me with my thoughts and the sad ramblings of whoever happens to be near.

Though the thought that I may indeed outlive them all, yes this is what I most fear.

-CL Fuqua

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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