Swallow the Horizon

All of humanity begins and ends feeling only desire

We want for food, shelter, water, crawling in the mire

We grope in endless black clinging to each other

Hoping for comfort only when not killing one another

Some refuse the abyss in favor of hard upward ascent

While others disbelieving in peaks elect for eternal descent

Who ends up gaining what their faith promises to grant?

Always between light or shade but do both leave us scant?

I was promised a Horizon just beyond the next want and need

A glorious TELOS waiting for me hidden humbly within a seed

I have traveled like the great Saint of old with the universe on my back

Gnarled and weighed down by the raging waters of ever-increasing lack

I found it in the end shining like a beacon to lost ships at sea

Neither up to the light or down in shade but straight ahead of me

Horizon glowing effervescent splitting the edge of ocean and sky

All that was left for my withered being was to simply lay down and die

When I awoke from death I stood up renewed and perplexed

The misery of my mortality was finally and completely vexed

I have swallowed the Horizon and now death is finally done

I have swallowed the Horizon and a new life has just begun

-CL Fuqua

Published by clfuqua87

Old soul with stories to tell.

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